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Two are better than one, If one Falls the other is there to give a hand up.

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Welcome to the Hand Up Community a place where we try to inspire and motivate each other to become the best version of ourselves.  Whether that is real estate, motivational storytelling, or inspiring landscape photography the goal is simple deliver a product that has value and helps you move forward in a purposeful way. 


Hand Up LLC

Hand Up LLC is a conglomerate based in Carmel, IN, offering various services through its unique businesses: Hand Up Realty, Hand Up Speakers, Hand Up Photography, and Hand Up Heroes which is our program name for our philanthropic efforts both here at home and overseas.

Hand Up LLC's, founder and CEO  Eric Donoho, is a figure of resilience, an embodiment of courage and transformative power. His journey, marked by profound challenges and triumphs, stands as a beacon of inspiration for countless individuals. A retired sergeant from the United States Army Infantry, Eric's military service is characterized by bravery, endurance, and sacrifice. His experience in Iraq, surviving blasts from two IEDs, one EFP, and a Katyusha Rocket attests to his remarkable resilience. These experiences, however, were just the beginning of a journey marked by personal tragedy, health struggles due to injuries and toxic exposures, and a courageous battle with mental health challenges.


In the face of adversity, Eric's journey took a turn towards healing and advocacy. He became a passionate voice for veteran suicide prevention, channeling his experiences into a force for positive change. His work extends beyond advocacy; he is a successful entrepreneur, award winning landscape photographer, philanthropist, and a respected figure in the veteran community.


As a real estate professional, Eric combines his sharp business acumen with a deep commitment to ethical practices and community service.


His philanthropic efforts are as diverse as they are impactful. From advocating for veterans' rights to initiating empowering projects in Nepal, Eric's actions are driven by a profound belief in service and compassion. His journey to Nepal, in particular, highlights his dedication to making a tangible difference in the lives of others, bringing mobility and hope to disabled children.


Eric's story is one of finding light in the darkest of times. His resilience has been tested time and again, not only in combat but also in personal life, facing the suicides of close friends and navigating complex health challenges. Yet, through each obstacle, Eric has emerged stronger, using his experiences to empower, motivate, and inspire others.


Eric's story is not just a tale of survival; it's a narrative of transformation. His journey is a powerful reminder of the human spirit's capacity to overcome, to find meaning in suffering, and to turn personal trials into a source of strength for others. As an author, Eric Donoho offers not just his story, but a roadmap for resilience, hope, and purposeful living.

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