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Hand Up Photography was created with one simple goal: To inspire others through the wondrous beauty of nature.

It is proven that spending time in nature provides relief for issues like heart disease, anxiety, depression, cancer, and post traumatic stress, just to name a few. Unfortunately not all of us have the ability or the time to experience nature in a way that recharges our minds and souls. That’s why landscape photography is such an important and essential item in any home, office, and/or hotel. Because when it’s done right, it can invoke all of the endorphins and feelings that one gets from actually being in nature; giving everyone who spends time around those images a calmer, happier, and more focused self.

Lastly our hope is that our photography fills your daily lives with inspiration and motivation, so that you'll reach for your dreams even when you can't see what you're reaching out too.

We are available for affordable custom work for both individuals and corporations; click here for a quote.  

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