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In all of our lives at some point, someone gives us a Hand Up. If you're one of the lucky ones, you learn to recognize those opportunities as they happen; enjoying the friendship and camaraderie they bring into one's life.    

So what's a Hand Up? Let’s start by what it's not; it's not a hand out. It's not someone doing the work for you. It's not someone making excuses for you. It's not someone or something taking care of your financial burdens. A Hand Up is something deeper than all of those things. A Hand Up is when someone recognizes the opportunity to challenge another to become the best version of themself.  A Hand Up teaches an individual that through hard work and dedication to one’s craft any dream is possible. That's my story and the story that this company tries to pay forward on a daily basis.

Hand Up Heroes is designed to be a motivating, informative, and uplifting website highlighting photography, videography, motivational storytelling, and informative information for both the veteran and civilian communities.

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